How We Started

The Black Hat Foundation was organized in 1991 by a group of Tuolumne County residents for the purpose of supporting community events and local non-profit organizations needing help.  We have raised funds by producing events such as the Black & White Ball, the Wild West Film Fest Celebrity Golf Tournament, and Music Madness, a day of fun and music for the benefit of local High School Music Departments. As the Black Hats have non-profit status, contributions and much of the cost of event tickets is tax deductible.

How We Roll

The Black Hat foundation is an all volunteer organization. All income raised from the Charity Ball after expenses is donated to local charities. The success of this program comes from the YEAR LONG hard work of it's members, generous donations from local business owners and community members.  Since 2002 we have raised and donated over three quarters of a million dollars to local non profits in Tuolumne County

Message from the President

Welcome to our new and improved site developed by one of our members. I am very fortunate to be involved with such a wonderful talented group of people that have dedicated blood, sweat, and yes sometimes tears along with a tremendous amount of time to serve this community of ours.  It amazes me each and every year that with the amount of non-profit organizations in our community holding fundraisers, both businesses and individuals in our community stand tall when they are asked.   Therefore, I personally would like to thank you the donating businesses and community that make our foundation such a success over the last 27 years.