The Black Hat Foundation wishes to announce that we are accepting request for monetary grants.  This past May our major recipient was SIERRA REPERTORY THEATRE.  Grants are distributed in varying amounts and we encourage your organization to apply for funding.  We encourage you to apply for a grant, which will be awarded in May of 2020 


All applications will be reviewed and evaluated by the Charity Review Committee.  An applicant for a grant does not guarantee funding.  After review and evaluation, our foundation provides funding in these primary interest areas.  Human Services, Education, Health, Public Benefit, and art/culture-humanities.  To be eligible, the organization must be serving primarily Tuolumne County Residents.


If you do seek a grant, please forward a Request for Funds Proposal (RFP).  Your RFP should include the following:

  1. Please provide us with a contact person (names, title, phone, fax and email) regarding this RFP.

  2. A concise statement explaining what you want to do with the funding.

  3. Define the rational for funding, how will your proposal impact the quality of life of the people for whom your organization exists.

  4. Describe your plan of action.  Sequence of activities and resources necessary to carry them out.

  5. Describe other sources of funding that have been pursued or secured for use in this RFP


Include the following in your attachments:

  1. If selected as our major beneficiary, how will you participate in our fundraising efforts?

  2. Proposed budget if available

  3. Mission statement for your organization

  4. Copy of IRS letter of determination – 501© 3 qualified, if applicable

  5. Roster of your governing body including: name, address, vocation and length of time in office


If you wish to be a grant recipient, please mail you request prior to OCTOBER 31, 2019.  The review committee will make determinations at that time.


Black Hat Foundation

Attn: Charity Ball Review Committee

P. O. Box 3142

Sonora, CA.  95370